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Know where, when, and how your inventory is used, from everyday tools to every EPA registered chemical.


Develop irrigation schedules to effectively track and manage your field’s irrigation operations.

Field Reports

Track the happenings of your field operations in one easy place.


Create and Assign tasks for one-off or recurring operations. Leave notes, pictures, and audio files so everyone is in the loop.


  • Search the EPA’s chemical database, view labels, safety sheets, and state regulations.
  • Add chemicals to your inventory, set expiration dates, low inventory alerts, and assign tasks to apply to fields. Keep a record of when, where, and how much was used.
  • Add farm equipment, set primary, transit, and in-use locations, and quickly set and track maintenance schedules.
Field Reports

Field Reports

  • Record your observations at their freshest while in the field in seconds.
  • Use voice-to-text for title and description when your hands are full.
  • Save with only a description and complete back at HQ, or add a description, take a photo, and assign a task on the go.


Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to effortless precision irrigation.
  • Customize irrigation plans for each field with pinpoint accuracy:
  • Delegate tasks and stay on top of watering cycles:
  • Track progress and make informed decisions:


  • Create and assign tasks for daily and weekly operations.
  • Leave notes, pictures, and audio files so everyone is in the loop.
  • Easily assign and track tasks.
  • Set one-time or recurring tasks, and fill in only as much detail as the task requires.
  • Track your inputs by field using tasks.
  • Assign inventory applications from within inventory or from tasks. This data is used for reporting and financial analysis.
Quick Tasks

Assign tasks in seconds, right from the field:

Eye On Your Fields

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Time is money. Save both.

$35 a month

All features included, unlimited acreage; add all of your team members at no additional cost. No contract is required, no add-ons.

We keep our pricing simple so you can focus on what matters: your farm and family.

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